• Song 421: Sin City
    This is just the greatest song ever done by AC/DC. It’s not just the lyrics, even though they are dark dark dark. But it’s everything else, and mostly it’s Bon Scott’s vocals.
  • Song 422: Wake Up Little Susie
    I kinda feel like we’re losing touch with the rock and roll pioneers of the 1950s. That includes the Everly Brothers.
  • Song 423: Tubes World Tour
    The Tubes had some fine songs (some think of them as novelty songs) such as What Do You Want From Life, White Punks on Dope and Don’t Touch Me There, but this gem actually was ignored by me until the last few years.
  • Song 424: I Love You So I Told You A Lie
    Yeah, it’s a Ted Nugent song. But it’s peak Ted Nugent, during the short period where Meat Loaf did a lot of the lead vocals.
  • Song 425: Caught A Lite Sneeze
    Tori Amos plays a Bösendorfer piano.  Impress your friends with that.  They make 97 and 92 key instruments in addition to traditional 88. Can you tell in this song?
  • Song 426: Happier
    This song caught me by surprise a few years ago and it’s on a regular play list for me. Marshmello ft. Bastille built a song with a great hook, interesting lyrics and vocals that hit the spot. It’s a sad song with a lofty goal.