• Song 410: Lay Down
    People today don’t remember her well, but Melanie had giant hits in the early 1970s and performed at Woodstock in 1969. This song – Lay Down – was inspired by her performance at Woodstock and how the crowd responded to her.
  • Song 411: Small Blue Thing
    Suzanne Vega made beautiful songs in the 1980s, none any more beautiful than Small Blue Thing.
  • Song 412: Anemone
    This is one of the coolest and moodiest songs of the 1990s, and I missed it for over 25 years. Hell, it would be one of the coolest and moodiest songs of the 1960s as well.
  • Song 413: White Liar
    Sometimes harmonies make a song.  In a lot of country music, that’s the case.  And it is definitely the case in Miranda Lambert’s song “White Liar”.
  • Song 414: Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day
    This might end up being the longest title for any song that gets selected on this list. Thanks, Jethro Tull!
  • Song 415: Terra
    Terra is a beautiful song by Caetano Veloso. The lyrics sound soothing if you don’t understand Portuguese, but once you read the lyrics the song completely becomes something different, the dream of an imprisoned man.