Song 490: Connection

I’m going to tell you where I stand on this song right now.  Montrose’s version of Connection is one of the greatest covers of a song in rock history (originally Rolling Stones).  It is probably the greatest job of singing Sammy Hagar ever did on a song.  I have a lot of favorite Montrose songs but this is the pinnacle.

In the 1970s, one of my best friends had Paper Money as an 8-track in his car.  I hadn’t heard it, popped it in the player, and a Montrose fan was made.  I think we wore that cartridge out.  I bought the album.  I recorded it to cassette.  When the time came, I bought the CD.  Connection is on my Spotify 70s Best Rock playlist now.  It has never gotten old to me.

For fun, try comparing it to the original.  Sorry Stones, your sing-songy version isn’t a match.

Rolling Stones version: