Song 427: Panic in Detroit

I don’t know where to start with David Bowie’s Panic in Detroit, which has been one of my favorite rock songs for a long, long, long time.    Everything makes it great.  Ronson’s guitar, the tom-toms, congas and cymbals, the background singing, Bowie’s lead vocals… so much to love.

In the 1980s and 90s and 2000s I spent regular time doing weights in gyms, and this song came along for the ride on my choice of musical technology – walkman, discman, MP3 player, phone… and cranked with headphones/ear buds.  Very few songs compete with this song cranked up very loud in your ears.  Hearing be damned, I want that experience.

Just a reminder – the song number is NOT a ranking. Otherwise, this song would be very close to, if not at, the top.