Song 495: Chug-a-lug

My Dad loved listening to Roger Miller.  He had these albums back in the 60s that he would listen to, and we thought they were the funniest songs.  Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd.  Dang Me.   Miller seemed like a fun guy, like my uncles, just doing goofy stuff.

Chug-a-lug is one goofy song about learning to drink.  Grape wine in a mason jar.  Moonshine still.  Was he singing about rural Indiana?   Probably not but I like to think he was.

When my son was playing AAU basketball I often drove him and several of the boys to practices and games.  The other boys heard Chug-a-lug and from time to time would ask to hear the song.  My son hated it.  I’m sure it was embarrassing, his Dad listening to some old redneck song.  But the song is generation transcendent.   Boys are going to laugh about it.

Someday I hope to introduce the song to grandkids.