Song 477: Dark Horse

It’s been nearly 60 years since the Beatles broke loose across the world.  The entire time there was this side debate, who was the greatest Beatle?  

It is unknowable, probably.  We just can’t assign ownership to partnership and synergy that occurred within the band.

But post Beatles?  I’ll say George Harrison.  Lennon and Ringo had some good stuff early, but then Ringo started doing cavemen movies and Lennon was murdered.  McCartney?  He and Linda and Wings pushed a lot of stuff out that was pretty bland. 

I dunno, it’s been a good post Beatles career for McCartney, but the best music, in general, I think came from George Harrison.

“Dark Horse” is an underappreciated song, even if it is the title track of the same-named Harrison album.  It’s not his best album – All Things Must Pass is clearly his entry into all music greatness – but it is a fine album.  And I love the song.