Song 452: Rivers of Mercy

I didn’t used to be a Tears for Fears fan. During their 1980s run, I liked their music, but their popular songs felt to me like outliers, and I never really gave their albums a fair shake. I was wrong.

Last year they released a new album, The Tipping Point, and my appreciation changed. It is truly a beautiful and heartfelt album. They went on tour, and I saw them, and they performed both the old songs and the new songs with passion and precision. Honestly, I didn’t go to the show primarily for Tears for Fears, but for the opening act, Garbage. Garbage was fine. Tears for Fears was brilliant.

This is my favorite song from both The Tipping Point and the concert. Lyrics hit home for me. The mood of the song strikes a chord in me. Please give it a listen.