Song 424: I Love You So I Told You A Lie

Yeah, it’s a Ted Nugent song.

But it’s peak Ted Nugent, during the short period where Meat Loaf did a lot of the lead vocals. Yep, the album Free For All is the peak for Ted Nugent as far as I’m concerned. And I Love You So I Told You A Lie is probably the best vocals on the album.

This album was recorded a year before Meat Loaf would hit it big with Bat out of Hell. Apparently he was paid a measly $1000, and he spent 2 days in the recording studio.

When I was a teenager I really like the first few Ted Nugent albums, but they didn’t age too well. They might have aged better if Nugent didn’t feel so inclined to push his political beliefs, but they have decreased my appreciation for his work. But this song still stands out.