Song 423: Tubes World Tour

I grew up in the Bay Area in California in the 1970s, and that was probably the heart of the popularity of The Tubes at the time, since they were based in San Francisco. The Tubes had some fine songs (some think of them as novelty songs) such as What Do You Want From Life, White Punks on Dope and Don’t Touch Me There, but this gem actually was ignored by me until the last few years.

I’ve seen The Tubes three times – once during the Remote Control tour in California, and twice here in Pennsylvania at smaller clubs. They still sound pretty good. Maybe Fee Waybill’s act is a bit dated, but I still get a kick out of it when Quay heads out. I haven’t seen the motorcycle on stage since the old days, however.

“Tubes World Tour” actually references some experiences by the band on early tours. This isn’t my absolute favorite Tubes’ song, so there might be another clip from them sometime in the future.