Song 441: Wake Up Dolores

“Wake Up Dolores” is definitely my favorite song by Los Lobos, and is from a fantastic 1992 album, Kiko.

When I lived in Sacramento in the 1980s, my good friend Bob Schelen had just gone in deep into listening to Los Lobos’ album, How Will the Wolf Survive?  That is also a fantastic album.  Bob talked them up and then loaned me a cassette tape which I loved and then it was announced that they would perform at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, and Bob convinced me to go.  The Crest was in disrepair at that time, and the show wasn’t a sell out, but it was awesome, and I knew I’d see them again.  I’ve seen Los Lobos 3 times since, and they always put on a fun and enjoyable show.

Bob passed away last month from health complications, which stings. He and I went to a few concerts together in the 80s, and they were always great shows.  Suzanne Vega, Graham Parker… it’s not a huge list but it is a highlight list.  I’ve been thinking about those shows and those performers a lot in the past month.   Bob knew good music.